Club Morgan and Yo-chi for Teens

Yoga, midfulness, relaxation….fun!

Club Morgan at Whitelands woods Whitelands n Whitelands mm Whitelands summer group 078 Whitelands summer group 087 Whitelands summer group 088 Whitelands summer group 099 Elsa runs the Club Morgan Juniors program. and Yo-chi for Teens.

Club Morgan Juniors is designed for nursery children aged 3-4 years old, and school children aged 4 -11.

The hourly session begins with circle time to talk to our loveable puppet Morgan, we reflect on the seasonal changes and become mindful of how they are feeling. Also at circle time we talk about our organs; each organ has a character and we then do organ warm ups with the children.

They are then ready to get going and have fun! They build confidence and communication skills through drama exercises and games before moving on to a session of Yo-chi storytelling and exercise, which helps them to stay flexible and build stamina. (The Yo-chi style exercises are incorporated into a seasonal camp fire story.) Each session ends in a period of calm visualisation or relaxation.

When the children join Club Morgan Juniors they recieve a Club Morgan tee-shirt and folder. Each week they will collect fun things to do at home which encourage healthy eating, exercise and a greater understanding of the world around them, nature and seasonal cycles.


Club Morgan is the brainchild of Sue Woodd, an international master trainer in Yoga and Tai Chi.
Sue has over 30 years experience in heath and wellbeing and runs the Seasonal Yoga teaching training school for adults. She first had the idea of developing a seasonal programme for children nearly 10 years ago, having observed the rise in obesity, mental health illness and the effects of technical overload in young people. The idea of a friendly character taking care of his organ friends came to mind! Sue approached her friend Toni Goffe, a renowned artist and illustrator, who quickly and intuitively brought the concept to life through his colourful drawings of ‘Morgan’ and ‘friends’!
Club Morgan piloted the project at Selborne School in Hampshire in 2013, to an incredibly positive response.

Club Morgan is now delivered to nurseries and run as after school clubs at many schools, as well as offering bespoke workshops at other centres.

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Local classes are as follows….

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Club Morgan-St Mathews school, Blackmoor- All years  -6.3.15pm-4.30pm £5


Mother and baby yoga-Bordon- 6weeks- 18 months.10am-11a.m.


Club Morgan- Year R(during school hours)

Adult seasonal yoga-Liss Triangle community centre. 7-8pm.£8 drop in.

Club Morgan-Langrish school 3.15-4.15pm- All years- £5 a session.


Club Morgan-Petersfield Infant school- 3.15-4.30.All years. £5 per session.

Yo-chi for Teens- Selborne rec 7.30-8.30pm.11-18 years.


Yo-chi for Teens- The Wild Nest studio, Petersfield. 5-6pm 11-18 years. Price t.b.c


New Family yoga at the Taro leisure centre. From 5-16years.Parent and child £10.Extra family members welcome.10.30-11.30 in the health and wellbeing studio.

Please let me know if you would like to suggest Club Morgan for your school or area.


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