Sea sounds…Guitar and drum lessons,discos and parties…

Sean and Elsa host discos and parties.  Can your child play an instrument? Would they like a party with their friends and play in their own band for their party? Sean can co-ordinate a group of children to help them learn a song.They can sing,play guitar,drums or percussion.Sean is a professional musician and tutor and DJ. It helps if the children already know how to play their own instrument but if not he can help with guitar, bass, vocals or percussion. A really fun way of learning more about your instrument and having fun at the same time. He can help with confidence and stage presence too. One to one lessons with Sean also available for 30 minute and 1hour sessions. Suitable for both children and adults.

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Please contact Elsa or Sean for more information or a quote.

Sean- 07932150585

Elsa- 07821625195